Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fantasy Art for My Dining Room

The uber talented, Maria from Colour Me Happy, is asking on her blog about what we envision going up on a wall of our home someday. Immediately I thought of my dining room, and the blank wall above the buffet. Currently it looks like this:

I haven't come up with a place holder for this wall in part because I don't really mind it being blank right now, but also because what I really want to put there is this hotness:


Yes, it's Kate Spade's pad, and no, I don't imagine I am going to be owning that art piece any time soon. Would it be too horrible if I admit I've considered DIYing it? Yes? Ok, well then I definitely have NOT considered doing that.


  1. It's beautiful and it would definitely cross my mind to DIY it !

  2. I love the orange. It kinda looks like that spin art stuff only bigger.

  3. You could do it! Give it a try.


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