Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why This Works

I just spotted this photo on Viera's blog

Source - Katie Lydon Interiors

I love the feel of this. It is clearly a girl's room with that awesome pink blanket, curvy bed frame, floral lampshade, and fluffy area rug. However, the more masculine elements in the room such as the stark white walls, contemporary art, and brown bolsters keep things from becoming too girly.  So now I'm thinking about getting a huge canvas, picking two paint colors, and having my daughter create a masterpiece to hang over her bed. I'll keep you posted.


  1. The bold colors also help it from being too precious. I really like the vintage looking lampshade that doesn't relate to anything else but works anyways.

  2. Super cute! I love using large art canvases for dramatic and inexpensive art. I designed a pediatric office and we needed great expensive looking art (high profile patient's) that was large but could not spend a lot as it was the Dr.'s first office and the budget was tight. I bought 8 of the largest square canvases that Aaron Brothers has (36"? 40"? - can't remember) during their penny sale (two for one basically) and painted the solid background the colors that coordinated with the office decor - and then set it up to have her children play with the paint (that I pre-selected - I had to have a little control). Unfortunately I do not think they have had time to have the children paint yet. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!!!


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