Thursday, January 27, 2011

Instead of built ins...

Last week I completed a little project that I'd been intending to do for many moons. Because we have no linen closet we needed to add some storage in our hallway. Kate, my talented architect friend,  had suggested I have a red built-in cabinet made, but that wasn't in the budget so instead I picked up a couple of Ikea Malm dressers:

I had searched for a second hand dresser to use here, but couldn't find the right size. The malms fill the space with barely an inch or two to spare, and I'm glad for their simple profile. Here is what they look like after I painted them bright red last week:

I love how they brighten up the hall, and relate to the red framed doors we have throughout our home. 


  1. They look great...nobody would know how cheaply you have done them for!

  2. Malm! My favorite dresser/nightstand/console table/dining room sideboard/closet organizer/cabinet to go anywhere!

  3. what was there before - or were they there for a while and you've only just painted them? Looks great! I also like the table setting - so fancy. Can I come to dinner?

  4. They look great! And your tablescape opening up to the outdoors...beautiful and so relaxing! Take care, Caroline

  5. Looks like a perfect fit! I love the pop of color. Ikea unfinished cabinets are the best. I had great fun sprucing up a set Rast dressers.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a lovely weekend.


  6. Love them! They fit so perfectly. I really enjoy that colour, it really does flow well with your home.

  7. They DO fit perfectly - no need for $$$ built-ins, fo sho!
    Also love your red-framed doors!

  8. What a great solution. Malm works well in so many settings. My daughter uses one as a changing table.

  9. that dresser looks really nice! (so does the table :)
    happy early valentines day

  10. I was doing a little blog hopping today and happened to come acroos your blog. I'm your newest follower and I'm excited to see what else you have going on.


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