Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bedroom Moodboarding

Hey guys! I did some quick brainstorming for a relative's master bedroom. Here is a general concept although more tweaking and changes will likely happen. Any rug opinions?

I would layer in some more purple and a little orange in the above.

Option 2:

The kilim rug is a little more boho than the other elements, but I still like it here. The purple rug is more in keeping with the jewel tone in the the nightstands.

I have a lot of little projects finished around here that I will post about in the next week. Just wanted to pop in with this. xo


  1. cute green, campaign chests - whose are those?

    did you look at Jill Rosenwald's rugs?


  2. I'd be interested to know/see what the current state of the bedroom is, to see how your ideas change/improve it. . .

  3. Janel, it's Lilly Pulitzer. Cute right? Thanks for the rug idea! xx

    Jenna, They already sold all the furniture they had in there on a whim so right now the room is large and empty. But all of their old furniture was dark and heavy. One of those need a ladder-to-get-up-to-the-bed beds. I should have snapped a pic. They have gray walls which they'd like to keep, and neutral carpeting which might become ebonized wood like they have in other parts of the house. xx


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