Thursday, January 19, 2012

Freshening Up

I've recently completed a few little projects in the living room. Here is a round up:

Remember these lamps?

I decided to recover the shades in an eggplant fabric:

Here you see them from the front as well as my other two new projects--sewing an oversize black and white ikat lumbar pillow, and painting a 2nd hand coffee table tomato red:

This is how the coffee table looked before:

I actually kind of liked it, but it just wasn't working in our living room. It could have looked cool with all white furniture, but I already have several competing undertones happening in here, and this table was adding too much to that. So I sprayed it with Rustoleum's Cherry Red and brightened up the trim with gold paint:

The large lumbar pillow was super easy too. I got about yard and a half of the fabric from Lewis and Sheron then measured and sewed two long rectangles and stuffed it all with fill.

I like that the color scheme feels a little daring and happy :)


  1. these furnitures looks good.. it is really nice looking at them... do you happen to know the factors to consider in buying furnitures?

  2. Hi Noelle! Nice to see you blogging. Love your cherry red table and glad you are getting some use out of the lamps. Hope all is well with your new little bundle!!! Xoxo

  3. Hi,
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  4. This is awesome! I would never think to do lamp shades in this color, but they're surprisingly vibrant and so cool looking. You've definitely inspired some future purchases for our home!

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